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It’s not enough to rage against the lie . . .
you’ve got to replace it with the truth.”

Look at the person sitting across the lunch table today. If you’re in Ohio, chances are one of you didn’t vote.

In case you have missed the avalanche of political ads that have blazed across our televisions screens the last few weeks . . . or  avoided the talking heads discussing the candidates and issues and parties . . . or still think Tea Party only refers to an event in Boston Harbor we studied in History Class, today marks election day across the country.

People are angry. They’re fed up with no jobs and high taxes. A national government filled with people who pass bills without reading them and from which they, themselves, are exempt. Some constituents are even threatening to unseat the ?&*#! incumbents and put the President on a Performance Improvement Plan. We’ve drawn a line in the sand and said enough is enough.

But not everyone.

In fact, barely a majority of Ohioans are expected to put forth the effort to vote today. Only 52% of registered voters care enough about the future to take the time to do a little research about the candidates and issues, and then actually cast their ballot. Seriously?

I’m fed up with the whole ball of political whacks, too. Is one party any better than the other? Well, it depends on who you ask.  However, I’m probably speaking for a majority of citizens who are just sick and tired with the entire system and especially with the people who keep it running.

But I’m not about to let political foolishness silence my voice.

Every election is my chance to hit it out of the park by participating in one of the coolest gigs anywhere — helping choose who will hold positions of power in our government. Every time I vote I feel blessed and honored to have been born in a country where I’m given this right and allowed to safely exercise it.

In a lot of ways, though, politics is like life. How many times do we fail to take action, speak up, or do the research because we feel hopeless? We convince ourselves it’s too much energy, it doesn’t matter, things will always stay the same, what we want doesn’t count.

And in the end, what we get is a future looks surprisingly like our present, but not quite as glamorous (and usually with higher taxes).

Is that what you want?  More of the same?  Because that’s what will happen if  you are content with sitting around complaining while refusing to take action — whether in the political arena or in your own life.

Whatever you are, step up to the plate and be one of the 52% who are willing to put in the effort and make a difference.



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When words are scarce, they are seldom spent in vain”
[William Shakespeare].

I’ve been reading the book, A Whole New Mind, by Daniel Pink. In it, the author attempts to explain why right-brained people will rule the future. The book came highly recommended, and since I consider myself to be predominantly left-brained, of course I had to evaluate the information Mr. Pink had assembled, and draw my own conclusions.

Well, I have to say that it is a pretty interesting read, and I think his arguments have merit. One component of the book I really enjoy are the exercises provided to help develop creativity. In one such exercise, the reader is challenged to write a mini-saga — which is a little story consisting of exactly 50 words and containing an opening, a middle, and an ending. I decided to accept Mr. Pink’s challenge.

Guess what? I had a lot of fun! So, I have prepared six ‘Mini Bites” for you to consume, each with only 50 words (reduced verbiage but same great content). Oh, I also threw in a closing paragraph with only 50 words. (Think of it as guilt-free dessert.) So tasty! Bon Appetit!


I agree, fifty does not seem like nearly enough words to convey your thoughts. You must be clever and concise and get your point across quickly. Choose your words carefully. Provide the facts. Trust your readers to fill in the blanks. You will be surprised at how fun it is.

First Course:

Years ago Lucy was an exuberant puppy. Filled to overflowing with unending energy; eager to explore. Everything was new and required sniffing, tasting, chasing. Now, few things excite. Outside is perfunctory – do your business, sit in the sun, warm your bones. Car rides, sleeping, snacks and meals are the priority.

Second Course:

When your supervisor is on vacation, so are you. It doesn’t matter that you remain in the office, tending to endless details and ridiculous questions instead of visiting warm beaches or foreign lands. You’re working with the windows open. The sun is shining. Fresh air abounds. The breeze is exhilarating.

Third Course:

I sat in a terrible, horrible, very bad meeting for nearly three hours last week. UGH! The wrong people attended. The discussions were unfocused and meaningless. Attendees attacked and sniped and blamed. I watched the clock as my life slipped away. What a waste of a summer afternoon, I thought!

Fourth Course:

Driving along the interstate Monday, I hit and killed a hawk. The magnificent bird made a fatal error. Cars traveling at 70 mph were of no concern. The lure of fresh carnage in the middle of five lanes of traffic was too enticing. “Move!” I shouted! The image is inescapable.

Fifth Course:

I voted in an election today. I celebrated the opportunity to cast my vote and have my say. It’s my right, my obligation as a United States citizen. My heartfelt thanks to the men and women in uniform who make this freedom possible. I will not take it for granted.


Why not give it a try? Select a topic and write your own mini-saga, containing 50 words exactly. No more. No less. Your composition should have an opening, middle, and conclusion. Post your “mini-bites” under comments – I would love to read and share them. Post as many as you like.

You counted the words, didn’t you?

Whatever you are, be a good one!


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