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There comes a point in your life
when you decide to change
and never feel the same again.”
~ Unknown

Maybe it’s part of growing up. Perhaps it’s born of experience.

This understanding that brings with it the knowledge that you have the authority to decide.

It’s like something clicks. The curtain rises. The lights come on.

And you realize it doesn’t have to be this way any longer. In fact it only was that way because you allowed it to be so.

And finally you understand that in some weird because my not making a decision was my decision sort of way, you had been responsible for it all along.

And you thought by ignoring it you were absolved from all responsibility? Not in this lifetime.

Ignorance of the law — or your life — is no excuse.

Interestingly enough, this unexpected breakthrough occurred for me as I celebrated my 40th birthday. Not that one more candle on the cake, or one more turn of the calendar carried with it any particular significance. And whereas some people are horrified by their age creeping up toward the “Willard Scott will now mention you on TV” birthday, I found it liberating.

And the funny thing is as I share my story of when I finally realized, “I’m 40 now, I can do what I want!” I discovered that a lot of  people felt the same sense of freedom after four decades of life. They’ve earned the right to . . . whatever!

I only wish the point had come earlier in life — say, when I was 25. But maybe that’s the plan, you don’t earn the right until you have the experience.

I guess the point I’m trying to make is this thing will change, YOU will change, and life will never be the same again, when you decide.

Why not today?

Whatever you are, I hope you’ve reached that point!


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