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While flipping through Town & County magazine, I came across a watch ad featuring gold medal skier Lindsey Vonn.

The text read:

Faster by determination.
Faster by fact.
The greatest American skier. Ever.
More titles than years old.
A resume with one objective:
make history with every start.

That last phrase caught my eye. And my imagination.

What sets high achievers apart from those in the middle of the pack?  Practice? Talent? Desire? Luck of the draw?

Maybe, it’s as simple as the commitment to make history with every start. Every time. Every day.

No throw-aways.

No half-hearted attempts.

No discarding Monday in a desperate attempt to reach Friday.

Winning — in any situation — is the ability to see the potential that exists with every start.  This is it! The push-off, the exhilaration, the possibility that this time is the time that will open the door, set the record, affect your circumstances, and dramatically change your world.

Objectives are not fate; they are direction.
They are not commands; they are commitments.
They do not determine the future;
they are means to mobilize the resources and energies
for the making of the future.
Peter Drucker

When you are brimming with expectation . . . when you’re committed to making history every time . . .  it will affect your outlook, your attitude, your actions, your outcomes.

Whatever you are, get started making history!


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