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Have you stopped by a Barnes & Noble lately and looked at their magazine display? It is enormous! There are so many magazines available, and they cover most any topic imaginable. I like magazines — a lot! I enjoy the short articles, the clever writing, the helpful information, the intriguing facts, and yes, even the advertising can be interesting. All of this wrapped up into a portable package you can take anywhere. What’s not to love?

Far and away, my favorite section of any magazine is the last page. Don’t let this seemingly less-than-desireable-location fool you into thinking you can carelessly skip over the last page. If you do, you will miss a gem! The last page is generally reserved for a recurring article that can be sarcastic, humorous, inspirational, or witty, but is most always entertaining!

Here are some examples of my recent favorites:

Conde Naste Traveler closes out their magazine with a “Room with a View.” A stunning view from hotel rooms around the world. The incredible view from a room at the Inter-Continental Sydney was featured in June 2009.

The final article in Ladies Home Journal’s Life List encourages readers to “Write it down. Make it Happen. Live your dream.” In the August 2009 issue a 61-year-old Innkeeper from Kennebunkport, Maine, shared her goals, her plan, and what she has learned along the way.

Entrepreneur magazine has a “break it down” feature. The most recent issue provided details of the 2009 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Did you know the week-long event, which takes place in the Black Hills of South Dakota, will welcome 400,000 attendees (Sturgis has a population of less than 6,500.), have $16.4 million in sales, and haul away 543 tons of garbage?

No Regrets is the final article for More magazine. Famous people share life decisions they don’t regret. Recently, Nora Ephron (writer/producer/director) said one thing she didn’t regret was getting married three times. Why? Because she is currently married to a man she loves, and if she hadn’t married all the wrong people, and made a few major career mistakes, she might not have been at the exact spot to have met her third husband, who worked out.

Fortune‘s “While You Were Out” featured a humorous poem entitled “The Pig in the Wig (With apologies to Dr. Seuss.) and begins with the stanza “The street did not shine; it was too sad to lunch; so we sat in our office and watched the Dow plunge.”

Martha Stewart’s Living ends its issue with “Save Room For” which includes a delightful dessert recipe. Who wouldn’t like to whip up a batch of Vanilla-Raspberry Sundaes with Spoon-Shaped Cookies?

Reality Check (a lighthearted take on everyday life) concludes the Real Simple magazine. The most recent issue provided examples of “Eerily Accurate Fortunes” and included such fortunes as, “You will lose your cell phone reception, only to find it again” and “You will have good intentions to go to they gym this week but instead get sucked into So You Think You Can Dance.”

Domino, before it closed its doors, always ended their publication with a sweet article entitled, “10 Things that make me happy.”

So, the next time the latest issue of your favorite magazine arrives in your mailbox, why not join me and flip to the last page first to see what surprise is waiting for you?

Whatever you are, be a good one!


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